Marcy Alvarez is a wedding 
photographer serving lovers in Texas & Utah

Time is fleeting, 
photos are all we have left.

Your wedding day, one of the most important days in your entire life. You wish you could bottle up the excitement and joy of marrying your best friend, saying your vows in front of the people you love most, seeing your dad cry as he dances with you. A moment you have both dreamt of for years. That is my reason for approaching your wedding day with a guided yet documentarian style. I want to provide you with a collection of Beautiful images that captures how your special day looked, and most importantly, felt. Ones you will be looking back on and will be in your family for generations to come.

The woman behind the lens


I’m so happy you’re here!! I’m a Documentary Style Photographer who loves capturing genuine connection between people and telling their story intentionally. Each one is so special. It deserves to be captured and told in a unique way. I want to 
capture you as you are, and make you feel like art. I am more than just your photographer. I pour my heart and soul into every session and Wedding. Im here to make sure you feel taken care of , seen, heard and valued throughout our entire time together. 

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